I’ve just realised that I am almost at my target weight!!

YEAH BUDDY!  You ROCK that target weight!  We are all super duper DUPER proud of you.



I don’t want your love, I just want your credit card

uhm why aren’t you reblogging my selfie

ok then little cutie!  reblogging is something we can always do for a pretty lady.  c;


idk sometimes i think i’m cute

excuse me???

you are ADORABLE


Okay tumblr help a sister out. Which one? I can also put the purple over thingy over the brown tank top


That’s a lovely skirt, by the way.  <3

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Quick Reminder


What to do when triggeredimage
By family membersimage
By “thin” peopleimage
By other peoples intakeimage
By your old selfimage
By your new selfimage
By the most random and unexplainable eventimage
Then eat some chocolateimage

This is adorable and really important for everyone to see.


I used this quote in a real life conversation yesterday. More people need to be aware self love and self care. This world so wrong and we need to fix it as the coming generation. We need to collect and spread love and wisdom. We need to let go of bad vibes. It all ends up in the mind.

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I am not longer going to let anorexia make me feel bad about myself.

I am not going to let anorexia ruin me.

YEAH!  You go, girl!


Pink cheeks
- piggy
- greedy
- fat
- chubby
- ugly
- disliked

Pink cheeks
- happy
- healthy
- warm
- living

Preach it, princess!  You are too cute for words.  <3

Recovery doesn’t have days off, and you still have to make sure you maintain the healthy mindset, even when you kind of want to give up or you want a day off from it. But I think the most important thing is that when you put your mind to something, like recovery, and you have a goal to achieve in it, you just work as hard as you possibly can.

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Hey guys if you do not know but today was Megs last day of treatment! I am so proud of this girl, she is truly AMAZING! She is so sweet and lovable. Go congratulate her. Love you meg and I am so proud!


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